Short Cressman & Burgess is a century old law firm rooted in the Pacific Northwest. The firm has a long-standing reputation as a leading litigation firm and one of the region's premier construction law firms.

SCB has evolved and broadened as the ever-changing market has shifted.  Today, SCB is a reputable firm of choice for many Pacific Northwest individuals, closely-held businesses, public corporations, local governments and Native American tribes.  As the firm has grown, its key practice areas have expanded to include real estate, environmental and natural resources law, hazardous waste management and clean up, municipal and public law, employment law, business counseling and transactions, complex commercial litigation, land use and development, and family law.

1915 Rummens & Griffin:  George Rummens and Tracy Griffin founded SCB, both having served as president of the Washington State Bar Association.  Rummens never attended college or law school, yet he successfully launched his career at age 21 by obtaining the first conviction of a horse thief in Washington State.

Griffin was held in such high regard that the Soviet Union hired him to defend a Soviet naval officer accused of spying (he was acquitted) and the United States government then retained him as special counsel to prosecute communists in the same court (they were convicted).

1949-1951 Rummens Griffin & Short:  Kenneth Short and Paul Cressman joined the firm after serving as officers in the U.S. Army.  They led the firm in its growth.  They also both served on the board of trustees of the Washington State Bar Association and Short served as its president.

1964 Short Cressman & Cable: Donald Cable joined the firm.

1980 Short & Cressman:  SCB was originally located in the Olympic National Life Building which was imploded in 1982 to make way for the First Interstate Center, where the firm is now located. 

1987 Short Cressman & Burgess:  SCB has grown from a single office with leather-bound books on the shelves and a spittoon in the corner to a reputable long-standing downtown law firm which uses top of the line technology and resources – but no spittoons.

Meet Our Team

Our attorneys and paralegals have a wealth of expertise and experience in a broad range of practice areas, and they all share a singular commitment to excellence and client service. 

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